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IntensityCraft is an older Factions and PvP server being brought back to life! The server includes plugins such as factions, McMMO, Player Vaults, Trading, Silk Spawners, and others! We are bringing back the old and fun times of faction servers! Everything now a days is a hub, and we want to provide the players with a smaller community for factions! We have very helpful and mature staff. Please come join us for an old faction experience! We promise that you will like what we have done! Feel free to join today and be apart of our community! We are kind of looking for staff but we will not give right away! please come join us for the best only faction experience out there!

  • FastCraft
  • Auctions
  • Factions
  • mcMMO
  • Vote rewards
  • Daily Rewards
    A lot of great things for players to do!

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