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[b]For those of you interested in an EXTREMELY BRIEF background of the server. [/b]
[spoiler]- Server opened in 2011 as an original Factions PVP server and was successful.

  • Closed server in 2014 because I hated what factions turned into and the lack of skill involved.
  • May 2015 I wanted to start playing MC again but couldn’t find a server I liked and NONE that were not PAY TO WIN.
  • June 2015 I started development on the civilization based server around the factions plugin.
  • July 10 2015 opened the server to the public.[/spoiler]

[size=200][b]THE IDEA[/b][/size]

So here is my idea and I would love for everyone to give their opinions.

I play on both PvE and PvP servers. On PvE I love the community, helpfulness, and amazing builds on these servers, however, there is no risk involved in them and after playing on one for about 2-3 weeks i get bored and it becomes like an annoying creative server. On PvP I love the thrill of chasing people down and PvPing in the open, raiding bases and stealing items. To me the adrenaline pumps and it is awesome, but the builds are always so bland, a majority of people build underground to avoid detection, and it just winds up looking terrible. So I thought to myself, how amazing would it be to be able to make a PvEvP type server that allows for both playstyles to flourish.

[size=150][color=#BF40BF]I also decided to make it a Donation Rank Free server which means you cant PAY TO WIN like most servers. All members are given the same perks and permissions to create a fair and fun place to play.[/color][/size]

[color=#0000FF]What I want this server to become is one that allows for players to build amazing towns/kingdoms, and to protect their land from enemy intruders. A real Civilization Based server. Currently still being developed is a plugin that would allow a player to choose a PATH (either CITIZEN or SOLDIER).

The CITIZEN PATH would be the equivalent of PvE. It would protect the player from being attacked as long as they were within the border of their land, leaving the border would make them susceptible to being attacked just like it would in medieval times. CITIZENS would be unable to PvP at all and would be unable to edit opposing kingdoms terrain.

The SOLDIER PATH would be the equivalent of PvP. These players would be able to attack and pillage other players. They would have to be the ones defend the kingdom and the ones to go pillage other kingdoms. SOLDIERS would be unable to attack CITIZENS of opposing kingdoms inside the opposing kingdoms land.

Players could switch between PATHS if they so choose, however, it would take 10 minutes before a SOLDIER could become a CITIZEN and vice versa. This would be to prevent players from protecting themselves to avoid PvP.[/color]

To handle “Land Claiming” for kingdoms/cities/towns I plan to use the Factions Plugin. Despite many people disliking faction it can be very well manipulated to suit the needs of the server. For those of you familiar with Factions, I would disable Power Loss/Gain and give every player a base level of 10. Along with the ability to claim opposing "factions" land. Therefore, each player could claim up to 10 land for their kingdoms/cities/towns and wouldnt have to worry about it being take onver by another player, but it still could be pillaged. This claimed land would not be protected like Factions normally protects land. Opposing players could still enter the land and edit it as if it was normal land. However, each time a player either places or destroys a block inside an opposing players land they would lose 4 Hearts/Health. On top of that players would be able to REINFORCE their builds with REINFORCEMENT MATERIALS thus making it hard to grief/break placed blocks. For instance if you reinforce a block with smooth stone you would have to then break that block 25 times before it would actually break. Finally there would be a set list of blocks you couldn’t place and couldn’t break anytime within a kingdom/city/town along with OFFLINE protection which would prevent any edits from being made within your land 30 minutes after the last player of your kingdom/city/town logged off.

[b]The server would also have multiple other plugins as well including:[/b]
Citadel & Namelayer have become the main plugins on the server so you should learn how to use it since if you don’t use it you are leaving yourself extremely vulnerable. In short Citadel is a plugin that allows you to reinforce your builds using reinforcement materials. Currently there are only 3 materials that you can reinforce blocks with. Those materials are SMOOTH STONE – 25, IRON – 100, and DIAMOND – 1000. The number next to the material is its reinforcement strength. What that means is that if you reinforce a block with SMOOTH STONE, a player would then have to break that block 25 times before it would actually break. Reinforcing chests is the equivalent of locking them. NAMELAYER allows you to create groups so you can allow other players access to these locked chests. For more information please site our wiki as it has a ton more information on it. NAMELAYER is a plugin that allows you to create groups for use with CITADEL. Creating groups is extremely important. It allows you not only to grant chest access to certain players but allows them to bypass reinforcements depending on their rank within the NAMELAYER group. This may sound confusing but once you understand it is really simple. The reason you would want to be able to bypass reinforcements is so that you could destroy a wall. If members of your factions could not bypass the reinforcements of that wall, it would take them forever to destroy it. Bypassing allows them to break the block in one break and get the reinforcement material back. Again since these two plugins are the main plugins on the server it would be best to read the full write up on them. The wiki for this is on our wiki page

Most of you will love the plugin JUKE ALERT. In short it JukeAlert provides an easy-to-use means by which one can record player activity within an 11 block radius. What this means is you can record who does what, where, and when so if you are offline and someone broke some blocks in your chestroom you can see exactly who it was. It will also notify you when a player enters the 11 box radius of the “snitch” Again this may sound confusing at first but once you get the hang of it, it is simple. Again for a full write up please take a look at our wiki

MYTHICDROPS was suggested to me by Starodax and after installing it on the dev server I instantly fell in love with it. In short what it does is allows MMO style drops to potential fall off of mobs. Depending on the mob certain items have a percentage chance of dropping.

mcMMO is enabled on the server, however, the PvP elements have been removed since they were deemed to be too game breaking and unfair to players that dont spend millions of hours training them. They may be implemented at a later time.

Allows you to toggle chat to talk to just faction, allies, enemies etc making communication easier.

just to name a few.[/spoiler]

[color=#0000FF]The objects in blue are currently being developed so as of now, everyone would be considered a soldier.[/color]

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