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On our towny server, you can build awesome towns with your friends. Start off with a small town
and invite your friends and new players to join and become the biggest town around!

Skywars is like Skyblock Survival games! You spawn on a skyblock island and you need to
find items quickly to kill all the other players. The last man standing wins

On Factions, you can meet loads of new players and make cool bases with them! You can play
with friends or just go solo! Griefing is allowed and so is raiding. Factions is like survival of the
fittest; you must stay strong to stay alive. You can buy and sell items at our shop to earn money
as well!

We have an awesome donation shop where you can buy awesome perks and addons.
We sell all sorts of amazing ranks that will make you look awesome in game!
You can find our shop at:

Join Us Now:

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