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BlazeMc is a server with 4 different types of gamemodes:

Survival: Chop down trees, make a shelter, create tools, mine resources, and fight off monsters during night time, like normal Minecraft but with 3 different difficulty levels

Creative: Claim a plot, and build whatever you desire, like a rollercoaster, a statue, a house, anything.

Survival Games: Survival, PVP, find items in chests, and be the last man standing in the game to win.

Factions: Create a faction, make a strong base, mine the strongest resources, get players to join your faction to grow, PVP other factions, and conquer all the weaklings to become the Strongest faction on BlazeMc

WarZ: PVP others, defend yourself from the Undead, and pump people full of lead with your Trustworthy Bad*ss gun in your hand.

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