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OAUG Factions


OAUG-CRAFT is a small faction server run by the OAUG clan. OAUG - Overly Aggressive UnsportsmenLike Gaming. Our focus is bringing our community a Classic faction server that is fun and exciting for everyone! what do I mean by "classic faction server"? I mean the way the game use to be played before all the glitches and exploits. We as a clan have coded our plugins to patch these. Classic faction PVP servers involved using TNT cannons as a doorbell:D. Fighting players away from your base and bringing down power of another faction in order to raid them. If you miss the old way factions was played, then look no further, this is the server for you!

Now, a little about The "server owner" and "Head admin".
My name is Adam AKA IGN ~OtherAdam. I am 20 years old and work as a RN - Registered Nurse in a Hospital here in Texas. I love playing games and wake boarding on my off time. The Head Admin is Caden AKA IGN caden. He is one of my best friends in this world and pretty much look at him as my other brother from some other mother lol. we both love playing minecraft, ARAMIII, and DayZ.
Anyways our main goal is to bring a fantastic server and community to you to enjoy!

And we are recruiting Clan members, if you wish to join! just pm me IG. later guys! see you at spawn! :D lol

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