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Are you looking for a brand new server to play the new 1.12 "World of Colour" update on? Look no further than for 1.12!

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This server is running Spigot 1.12, released just hours ago and is also running on a fresh map.

Simple to follow rules:

  • Do not steal, grief or otherwise destroy someone else's property.
  • Do not exploit game mechanics to gain resources or kill other players.
  • Follow Wheaton's Law at all times. (Don't be a dick)
  • Have fun!
  • Do not beg.
  • Hosted on's first dedicated machine, codename "hecate".
  • PvE, economy-based gameplay. Freebuilding is encouraged with our resource world with double item drops.
  • Use /wild and/or /rtp when first connecting to teleport to a random parcel of land in the wilderness.
  • Somewhere near semi-Vanilla, but far from the Factions + McMMO servers that the Minecraft community is full of.
  • Jobs, you are allowed 5 at the default rank. Perform /jobs browse to select your first jobs.
  • A total of 4 tiered rank-ups (not including the default rank) available once specific needs are met (money and hours played, use /ar check to see your rank-up progress). Each rank unlocks unique kits including food, armour, tools and perks specific to your rank.
  • Specific kits, perks and rewards for each rank.
  • 50k radius square World Border centered at 0/0, which is where you will spawn.
  • No server/admin/non-legitimate structures built. Our spawn at 0/0 was built 100% legit. Every block was hand placed, mined and smelted by our community over the course of a week.
  • Anti-grief supplied by CoreProtect (rollbacks) and Grief Prevention (self-serve).
  • Auction your items with /auction to everyone on the server.
  • No P2W, we hate it as much as you do.
  • A resource world with double drops. /warp resource

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