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Welcome to LiveMC!

LiveMC is a Cracked Minecraft Server that anyone can enjoy! We feature a lot of things that can make your experience in the server unique and your time worthwhile!

We feature custom islands that each one comes with a unique feeling and theme, as well as we are open to suggestions about new islands, that will inevitably make the experience even better.

Not only that, but we also feature Furniture, that anyone can use in their islands such as Storage units, Tables, TVs, Swings, Crossbows, Chairs, Tents, Campfires, Cameras, as well as a Toilet that you can sit on! Anyone can also make their own furniture and submit to the server for a chance to feature it in-game!

To add to that, we also feature a Live Radio and Music channels that you can choose from over 90 songs to play in the background! Just like Islands and Furniture made by our players for anyone to enjoy, songs can also be added to our list with your help!

We look forwards to seeing you on the server!

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