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Looking for a non-op community based prison? Look no further.

Glade Prison is a fresh starting non-op prison that focuses on community. The staff is always willing to assist anyone in need. Currently the base prison is made, however in the coming future there will be "dlc" of sorts. All expansions to Glade will be free to play. We hope with this idea Glade will be kept fresh and fun for all players.

Glade's new donation store is live and ready for any interested players. Here you can purchase many things from ranks to money and also commands. These donations are the lifeline of Glade and any extra money will go to improving Glade.

Feel free to type up an about me in the new forums. It is a great way to get your name out and let people meet you. The forums also house the staff applications, general discussion, reports and more! Go and check them out!

Thanks for the read. We hope to see you around.

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