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Prism Craft


Our server was created to build a community like no other. To forge alliances between players and bring joy to many users.

Survival+ was created for those who wish to play a more natural Minecraft experience. We give you Survival+ customized with several cool plugins like Towny, MythicDrops, Jobs, McMMO and Brewery. Each customized for a unique player experience. Complete with a Resource World to keep the Main World squeaky clean.

Creative was for those who like to build huge castles or interesting contraptions. Don't feel like mining? Want to make that stone castle anyways go ahead. That's what creative is here for. Show off your skills and compete in competition (COMING SOON!).

Mini-games was created for those who want to do more than just Survive and Create. Here you get to play! Hunger Games, Parkour, Spleef, and even Ultimate PvP powered by WAR! Want a challenge? Well it's time to get your game on!

Adventure is a currently closed world that will be open soon. The Creator is a work here, forging the lands, coloring the sky, and filling the sea! Adventure like no other, being designed to be an Ultimate RPG experience with Custom Races, Classes and Quests to explore like never before!

~Ultimately we are a new and upcoming server ran by a tight group of friends. We're aiming to provide a fun, friendly, and family affable environment. We invite all people, ages 13-40 (and older of course), to play with us safely and comfortably. Start your own town, invite your friends to join your community, and together you can have the best town around. Explore the server and be all that you can and want to be. There's no limit to what you can do. We put no cap on your creativity! We encourage you to go beyond what you think your capable of in our worlds and explore every opportunity given to you on our server. We pride ourselves in helping you to overcome any obstacle withholding you from reaching your full potential on our server. We hope to see you and create many memories.


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