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Octalux. An amazing, new server where you, and your friends can come and have fun. We have lots of interesting things for you to come and check out. We have two different servers at the moment but we are still expanding. We have Factions, Towny and a Skyblock server launched! We have friendly, dedicated staff who will be around to support your needs. If you have any problems and there are no staff around to help? Not a problem! Just make a post on our forums and a staff member will get back to you very soon!

Factions is our older server, we created it for people who love to PvP and raid each other. We have lots of interesting things to do on factions including custom bosses and regular events! Our staff team is always around to take your ideas and add them to the server. We will always be looking for ways to improve the server and ways to make our players happy. Come and check out our factions server today!

Our Towny server is for those survivalists who like to explore and build. We have a fully custom map with beautiful biomes. The biomes are here, waiting for you to discover them. We have lots of interesting things coming up on Towny. Quests are being introduced for all those people who like objectives and having to find things. Like with Factions, there will be lots of events happening around the server to make sure that you have fun. We do not have Ranks on Towny but we have Classes. These are £10 ranks which all have different perks. They come with some legendary gear which you can keep as well as McMMo perks and more!

Skyblock Will be launched very soon! We will have an incredible spawn build by our Executive AndriX3S, custom islands for donators and many more things to come. Keep coming back for more information!

Staff Applications:
We are always looking for members of staff to join our team! We suggest playing on the server for a couple of weeks before applying however you are welcome to apply on our forums. Our website is

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