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Bywater Craft

Bywater Craft



An image of BwC's SkyGrid world, accessible from the main spawn straight away.
The End

The End

An image of one of BwC's two End worlds and one of the Gateway portals.
CommanderKeen PixelArt

CommanderKeen PixelArt

Some CommanderKeen PixelArt from one of our players on BwC.

I would like to invite you to my UK/EU based Dedicated server, Bywater Craft (BWC). We are a mature community that I, Zippyduda, am the Owner and Admin of. It has a great group of people who play on the server but we are always looking for new players. The server is PvE (Player vs Environment) with PvP arena areas. You can build anywhere you want, so long as the land hasn't already been claimed. It is survival. We have shops, and our plugins don't change gameplay much, if at all, as you can choose to not use them. I am mature and experienced, as are most of our regulars.

We do not allow griefing or hacking. We use Spigot, CraftBook, GoldBank and also have a Spleef Arena, SignShops and several other fun plugins available. We're ready to share it with all of you.

Regular members can have a shop in spawn, but shops are available to everyone.
This is a freebuild server. As long as the land isn't regioned to someone else, you're free to build on it.
Staff are very helpful and there is usually always at least a moderator or myself online, or we can be messaged outside of game IRL.

What BWC has to offer:

  • A live Dynamic Map that allows you to see players and their creations in the Overworld, The Nether, Thee End (more on this below) and the two Creative worlds
  • A relaxed place to play
  • All builds are made by the community in survival
  • Anti-cheat protection is in place to provide you with a smooth Minecraft experience
  • A wide range of plug-ins and more are viewable via /help in-game such as:

    • Backpack allows you to have a small 9 space inventory backpack for carrying items
    • CraftBook which provides unique features
    • Essentials and Essentials Extra
    • Hawkeye to prevent griefing
    • LWC to lock chests/doors/furnaces
    • mcMMO for RPG-esque style tool abilities
    • Multiworld for multiple worlds and inventories
    • WorldGuard for custom region protection
  • All whitelisted players and the staff are active, friendly, helpful and mature people.
  • BWC runs 24/7 and is never offline, only for restarts or major Spigot updates.
  • Economy on BwC is handled via Goldbank and SignShops.
  • Everyone is willing to help you in some way if you need it.
  • It is a small but ever expanding Survival server.
  • Multiworld allows us to have the Overworld, Nether, two end worlds (The End for respawning dragons and Thee End for space builders) and a hybrid flat and normal creative world.
  • No block limit.
  • Protected regions using WorldGuard.
  • PvP is not allowed except in designated areas, the PvP arena and an area you would like defined, e.g to defend your house.

  • The End is done uniquely on Bywater Craft. The End world can be visited multiple times from Overworld strongholds via the End Portal as it is regenerated every hour, this way you can gain XP (once you are strong enough) in a unique way as well as collecting dragon eggs. Once you have defeated The End, you are given access to Thee End, which is a non-regenerating End world without a dragon. This way you can build what you like in endless void, such as space stations, planets, farms and more!

  • The server is whitelisted but open to the public as Guests.
  • We have the ability to rollback any grief that may happen but this is very very rare.

We are a small community but we are trying to increase our player base. Thus we are still recruiting a more players. This server runs Spigot for moderation, automatic backup and more but the gameplay is left unchanged as possible.

So if you would like a nice mature, semi-vanilla server to hang out and play on with friends, come join us! Come check us out and apply at the website:

Some of our features are: Skyblock Skygrid Minigames Creative Survival

Server IP address:

We hope to see you on there! :)

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