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Are you a minecraft fan and you're looking for a reliable and secure server with experienced staff? Join the server now: Join the R-Gaming Empire and you will have an unforgettable experience in the minecraft world on one of our sections.
The server provides you with the best and quality plugins to offer you the best gameplay experience.
You will have:
✪ Vote party: You will be rewarded for 20 global votes
✪ Ranking System: [Rank Upgrade] You can buy rankings with the game currency, rankings that give you different assignments.
✪ Vote system: [Crate] For every vote you get one key you use at the following Common/Rare/Epic/Legendary/Imperial/Mine/Vote/Name crate where you can win op items. Your vote is very important for us, so we are grateful to you and that's why we'll reward you.
✪ Menu: A menu that provides you: Shop / Warp / Commands / Your Profile / Pet info / Rank Upgrade / Social / Donations
✪ Shop as a GUI: You can sell and buy all blocks from minecraft and it's accessible anywhere, anytime.
✪ Player Vaults: [PV] An inventory like a bag that you can access from anywhere, anytime.
✪ Interactive chat: [React] Questions and challenges that will appear in the chat and who will respond first to them will be awarded.
Plus many more, which we let you discover.
✪ Note! Each server has many other plugins that are special to that server
You can also contact us on:
✪ Forum:
✪ Discord:
✪ Facebook: http://r-gaming/facebook
✪ Youtube where we have posted for you different tutorials:

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