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What is WorldScape?
Do you like history? Politics? Roleplay? Games like Civilization or Europa? Are you tired of playing on the thousands of copycat factions, PvP and minigames servers and want to experience something different? Then you've come to the right place! Worldscape is a 2016 Nations Roleplay server, where you can lead or join a real nation that exists today! You can go to war with other nations, conduct diplomacy, forge alliances, and build a modern Empire!

WorldScape is a Roleplay server!
WorldScape is a Roleplay server! This means that you can have meetings and conversations with other players in the game as a character you create. If you want to ever roleplay with other people, own a nation, apply for staff, or get our free Citizen rank you will have to apply for a roleplay character. You will have to apply for a roleplay character on our website under the “applications” tab, and it will give you basic questions about your roleplay character like how he/she looks like, what their personality is, etc. You can also hold roleplay meetings, discussions, and alliances on our forums.

WorldScape’s Plugins!
Worldscape is proud to host a number of highly realistic and awesome plugins! All of our plugins are to enhance our modern roleplay and make the server truly unique and fun. For wars we have guns, cannons, jets, blood, ships and more. Other plugins we have are drugs, alcohol, furniture, airplanes, cars, currency, phones, pets, nukes, marriage, gates, disease, trading, bounty, treefall, lottery and much more. Some of our more ‘essential’ plugins include factions, MCMMO, and essentials, etc. All plugins are custom configured to suit our unique server and we are constantly updating them and adding more.

WorldScape has a custom resource pack!
WorldScape has our own unique and custom resource pack! In this pack we have over 50 different 3D guns, rockets, grenades, bombs, nukes, knives, uniforms, and more! But other than good-looking tools of war, we also boast a variety of items including iPhones, tablets, fridges, microwaves, speakers, drugs, clothes, drinks, food, 3D cars and jets, and more! We also give every block a sleek and modernistic look, to help fit the time period. We are also constantly updating our resource pack to help fix bugs and make more tools and items look even better. Make sure you have resource packs enabled before joining the server!

WorldScape’s Promise
WorldScape promises to bring you the best minecraft multiplayer experience possible, with excellent staff, a fun yet serious atmosphere, unique plugins and resource packs, quality roleplay, and an active and supportive community.

How do I join?
Simple! Our IP is and our website is
See you there!

join our skype group at:
See you there!

Worldscape currently needs Staff, Youtubers, Streamers, Players and Roleplayers! Apply for one of these positions on the website. Before you apply for any of these positions please join the website. You can also apply for a Character or Nation below.

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