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Traxon Prison

Traxon Prison


If you like prison and pvp and awesome pick and armor enchantments you will love this server we have a lot of stuff
you will need on your journey on TraxonPrison and don't worry about running out of ranks we have plenty to rank up
on We go all the way to prestige Guard TraxonPrison will be one of the best choices and if your not for sure hop on
and ask the players and staff we have some of the nicest staff members when you need help they will always be there
in any point, unless they are really busy give them some time and they will be right with you TraxonPrison is a
prison server that has lots of ranks lots of fun and lots of happiness we have a lot of cool builds and mines
so you will have fun no matter what you are doing so come on TraxonPrison and have fun with the rest of the players

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