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HowlMC - Modded Survival!


HowlMC is a modded-plugin hybrid server where classic mods like Biomes o' Plenty, Alex's Mobs, Botania, Create, and quark meet classic plugins like Towny, Essentials, and Crates! Install the modpack ( and join us at!

To get help installing the modpack and joining the server, head over to our Discord at!

HowlMC has something for everyone:

❖ Unique world generation, with stunning landscapes and custom biomes from popular mods Biomes o' Plenty and Terralith!
❖ Hundreds of custom dungeons and structures
❖ Modded monsters and animals
❖ Plant-based magic and technology (Botania mod)
❖ Steampunk technology (Create mod)
❖ Portals!
❖ Exceptional server performance
❖ Over a hundred quality-of-life mods and plugins
❖ Towny - Live in a town to disable monsters and keep your inventory on death!
❖ Crates
❖ 10 free-to-play ranks, which allow you to earn exclusive perks and cool tags, just by playing!
❖ Donor perks
❖ Detailed server documentation in the form of GUIs
❖ An understanding and active staff team
❖ Fun for the whole family (Primarily PG)
❖ Discord Integration - Participate in server chat from your Discord app, keep track of announcements, view our change-log, and peruse our guides!

… and more :D

If you're eager to be a member of an inclusive, professional, and friendly community, visit us any time at! ☘

❖ 11/10 Minecrafters were able to mine and craft in all their favorite ways!
⚔ Feel free to check out our Discord server at:! ⚔
Get the modpack:

Howl MC is an overall wonderful server. The owner is quick to respond to problems, and has a friendly + helpful staff team. The server makes you feel welcome. It is very small, but I love that about it. (: The server has a texture pack that does cause minimal lag upon loading, but the texturepack is worth it in the end. :D
Posted 11th Apr 2019