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BoxxyNetwork - Mechanical Mastery


[BoxxyNetwork] - Mechanical Mastery

We are a fairly new Minecraft Modded Server Network primarily located in the center of Europe. But this should not exclude players from all around the world to come and play on our servers.
Our goal is to provide everyone a smooth, lag-free, mature but entertaining and fun modded Minecraft experience!

We are running on dedicated server hardware to provide the best and smoothest gameplay possible on each and every server we currently run.

Server Information

Mechanical Masteryv1.3.0
AFK Timeout15 Minutes

Discord & Website


Automated Server Ranks based on Playtime

We currently have several ranks that you will achieve over a certain amount of time playing actively on the server, these will give you additional perks such as more claimed/loaded chunks, homes, etc.

Vote Rewards

You will receive custom tailored vote rewards on each server you would play on, you can vote for each server with the in-game command /vote, and also see where you rank on our website.

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