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Hello there fellow Minecrafters. The server HyperMiners is owned by three hard working owners who are:

We like to joke around on this server and just genuinely have a good time together. We are a Multiplayer survival Minecraft server with various plugins, such as:
-Residence (To protect land)
-Player Heads (Fore some trophies on your wall)
-Lockette (Keep those chests locked and safe)
-Chest Shop (Sell or Buy items to and from other players)
-Kits (Gives you items when you acquire that kit)
We also have a variety of ranks you can get such as:
-Voting ranks (Member, Veteran, Scholar, Templar and Trusted)
-Donator ranks (VIP, Premium, Platinum, Ultra and Sponsor)
-Staff ranks (Apprentice, Moderator and Admin)

Here is the catch though, You are welcome to come and join our friendly loving community on our server. all you have to do is join the website and server to start off with your ranks, Voting certain amounts gives you higher ranks.

Don't forget to visit our Website for more information at this link provided.

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