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prison-pvp [1.9.4]-[1.10.x] [247]



WE SUPPORT 1.9.4 AND 1.10!!

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About prison-pvp

Prison-PvP is a unique minecraft OP-Prison server.
Level up by mining blocks in challenging dungeons and hand builded mines. Explore the map, rankup and become the richest player on the hole server
PRISON-PVP, can u handle it ??

View our website here:

Join our mc server using ip:

Allowed mc versions: 1.9.4 and 1.10


  • What does prison-pvp have to offer?

on prison-pvp we use many plugins, Some custom coded!
Some of the features we include are:


autosell is the core of our server, its the main shop plugin for the server
it has mainy nice features going from autosell to autosmelt to autopickup

professional and helpfull staff

we dont have 8 admins 6 moderators and 4 helpers,
we just got 4 staffmembers wich are all specialised in each kind of helping category's
they are there to make ur day when thats needed and they will
answer ur question the second u asked it!

custom build mines

all the mines and stuff u see
are all custom build by our current building team
we have worked hard on releasing the best building experience for both players and builders and we hope u guys will enjoy the builds our buildteam made

custom codded plugins and enchants

we use custom made plugins for the best play-experience
we use unique gamemodes and plugins wich never have been dreamed off before!


u already build ur own house out of diamonds? No?
well now u can on the Plotme section of Prison-PvP

we hope to see u playing at prison-pvp soon
greetings prison-pvp staff

Server information


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