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JordanMC is a PVE Survival Based Server. As well as mostly Survival based features, we do offer some other features such as the ones listed Below:
• Separate Creative & Resource Worlds
• McMMO Plugin
• Custom Terrain Generation
• Donation Ranks
• PvP Arena
• Autoranking System
This is only a small list of what JordanMC has to offer, we provide a lot of everchanging features to our players, giving them an endless amount of possibilities to play with.
Although with Fun features, there are some rules to go with them obviously. Our rules are as follows:

  1. Respect everyone at all times. Don't be a dick. This includes building overly tall buildings that block out others' builds on the dynmap, just for the sake of having a tall building.

  2. Don't steal or grief, ever. There's never going to be a condition where you're allowed to grief. Doesn't matter what world it's in, doesn't matter when it was built or if it's abandoned or not.

  3. No cheating, x-raying, using glitches, hacking, or other Cheaty McCheatery stuff. Breaking this rule will almost always result in an instant ban.

  4. Don't build within 50 blocks of another player unless they're OK with you building closer to them. Do try to build within the theme of your surroundings.

  5. If you're a player, you aren't allowed to be AFK for more than 10 minutes. As a Donor, you're allowed to AFK longer. That said, please don't excessively go AFK, like setting to afk and then going to sleep or heading off to work.

  6. Don't needlessly destroy the natural terrain. All resource collection needs to be done in the /resource world. That's what it’s there for. Obviously if you're building there, that's OK.

Once you join the server, your priority should be reading the /rules if you haven’t read them here, and also reading the /welcome pages, to get information on any commands you may not know of.

Things to be aware of:
• Xraying is an instant ban. so, avoid anything that may look like Xray, (Sparatic Strip mining, Alternating Levels, Using no torches.
• Optifine and Minimaps are allowed. Mods to alter lights levels are not.
• Once joining for the first time, /wild will teleport you randomly anywhere in the world.
• While Helper can be earned by becoming a trusted member of the community, it is not considered a staff member. The only staff members are Moderator, Admin and the respective Head-Admin and Owner Ranks.

We hope you to see you on the server, and hope you enjoy your time with us!

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