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JordanMC is a semi-vanilla survival server that emphasizes friendships, creativity, and fun! Every player on our server is a friend of someone else, and has been personally invited to join our community: until today. We're a small server looking to grow, and we want players who are looking to grow with us. We employ an autorank system that rewards players for their playtime with additional ranks, and we also have a donator rank. This rank doesn't offer game breaking benefits, but rather is a thank you with a couple additional perks (like the ability to /fly and /feed).

When you first join our server, you're classified as a Newcomer. Once you've been playing for 2 hours, you rank up to a Citizen. From there you rank to Townsman, Representative, and finally Mayor. Truly helpful community members are invited to become Helpers, which while not specifically staff, they're the people we want to recognize as truly integral to our community.

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