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JordanMC is a server with an ever-expanding community, we strive to create a place for all players to join, and feel at home, as well as enjoying the service we provide. while it is a Survival based server, we offer a lot of different features to enhance this already limitless game. Some of the features we provide include a thriving economy, funded by our jobs plugin, which allows the player to gain money through doing various tasks. As well as this, we offer a market for players to sell resources they have collected, or buy from other players who have set up a shop in the market already.
As well as a growing economy, we offer an Autorank system, which allows you to progress through the ranks as you spend more and more time online, with each rank granting you more power and more possibilities than before, at first you start at “Newcomer”, and after 2 hours of playing, you're ranked up to “Citizen”. At this point, you're welcomed as a regular player on the server. At which you will have access to /back to death. And the resource world. Which is reset automatically every month. After Citizen, you can continue to progress, elevating to “Townsmen”, then “Representative”. And finally, after achieving Representative rank, you will be promoted to our highest achieved time-based rank, the “Mayor” rank.
Although we do not encourage a pay to win environment, we do offer a Donator rank. This rank is not used to surpass the time-based ranks, as it is a monthly rank which will only give access to certain perks, all of which are not exactly game breaking. We offer a donator rank only to allow players to donate to the server if they decide to. These perks that they have act as a “thank you” from us from the staff team at JordanMC.
We also have a load of small plugins to help enhance your Minecraft experience. For example, we have an Elevator plugin, Fastcraft+, Silkspawners, and much more! We also protect all builds with Grief Prevention. (to build in the regular survival world, you must claim land).
Things to be aware of:
• Xraying is an instant ban. so, avoid anything that may look like Xray, (Sparatic Strip mining, Alternating Levels, Using no torches)
• To claim land in the Survival World you MUST claim land.
• Entering the Resource world costs $1000 each time. This can be gained via /jobs
• Optifine and Minimaps are allowed. Mods to alter lights levels are not.
• Once joining for the first time, /wild will teleport you randomly anywhere in the world.

We hope you to see you on the server, and hope you enjoy your time with us!

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