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CrazyPig Family Friendly Minecraft

CrazyPig Family Friendly Minecraft


Crazy Pig is a relatively small, family-friendly server suitable for people of all ages, but especially with children in mind.

Swearing, bullying, racism, sexism, and griefing are strictly not tolerated.
On-screen chat is filtered to prevent inappropriate language reaching the screen.
All server staff are at least 18 years old, many are parents whose own children play on Crazy Pig.
There are multiple worlds, including Survival, Creative / Plots, mini-games and Extra Hard mode.

It is a NOT a PVP (Player vs Player) server - players cannot kill each other.

Crazy Pig is not a commercial server, it is run by hobbyists in their spare time. We collect donations in full compliance with the Minecraft EULA (End User License Agreement) to help cover server rental costs. Any surplus donations are given to charity (SaveTheChildren) each month.

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