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Overlord Prison - Free Ranks Today!


Overlord Prison is a small Minecraft server looking for players like you. We have an amazing, active staff team who all help support this small - but growing - community. In order to flourish and grow further, though, we need your help. So, today only, as a thank you, everyone who joins will get a special rank - Senator.

Our server's ranks are based on political positions - Member, Senator, Ambassador, Ruler, Tyrant and Overlord. Ranks, unfortunately, cannot be earned, but must be purchased - However, every purchase goes towards keeping this server up, running and as enjoyable as possible for you. If you join our website, with proof of your Enjin username, you'll also receive a gift from Koschei to kickstart your Prison experience.

The Senator rank will receive:
-A custom in-game title
-When you log in, you can ask Koschei or a staff member to change your nickname to whatever you want [keep it appropriate]
-Access to Mine A

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