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OBAMCraft [Better Survival, Land Claiming, FUN]


OBAMCraft is a 'Minecraft Game Network' built for the community, by the community. Staff members are carefully picked to be fair in every situation, and give favorable results to the player when situations arise!

You will currently find an amazingly simple to get into, Vanilla (with sprinkles) Survival experience with our Fronts Survival world. Within just about 1 minute of joining, you could be setup and ready to go claim your very first protected Front! We believe in Minecraft being a challenge, so our Survival World is set on Hard!

Fronts Survival does add a bit of custom flare to the game, but only in optional situations, so you can decide to stay 100% Vanilla, or have a bit of extra fun if you wish! You won't be surprised by any over powered mobs without warning here! However, we're sure you'll love the custom tools and weapons that we've created for you.

Fronts Survival is PVP optional. By default, everyone is setup to participate in PVP, but the option is there to abstain from it as well. By using OBAM Tickets, our in-game currency, you can decide to do PVP or PVP-Free by switching when you're in the mood for one or the other. There is a short cool-down time to switch, to prevent abuse of course.

One thing you will notice about our Community, is that we always listen to ideas and implement them where possible. We even have a few members who have gone the extra step and have learned our special coding technique to submit their own ideas, some of which are live, today!

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