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Valantis: The Age of Antiquity


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Server Description:

Here you will join our world of Valantis, setting out as an Egyptian, Norseman or Greek citizen and start your journey! The work is an open one with unlimited potential. Will you be a great merchant amassing fortunes? Will you be great king adored by all your people? Or perhaps a war general loved and adored for your undefeated record? Is the grand life not really for you, well perhaps you'll be a master horse breeder. An archer that never misses or even just a simple bar wench! No matter the task or role you seek the opportunities here are yours to choose!

Set in a classical era we are embracing the mythological elements of Greek, Nordic and Egyptian mythologies. Gods are gravely important and worshipping one is highly suggested! Roleplay out your destiny and may the gods see your goals fulfilled.

More directly use towny to build great kingdoms, mcmmo to level up your character and various other plugins to suit all your roleplay desires. Use our Siege mechanics to take our your server rivals, use our conquest rules to take over the world and declare yourself emperor! We want a great community full of roleplay, glorious buildings and great memories. Do you have what it takes to join our community and help make it great?

We hope so! See you on the other side of Erebus!


From the accounts of Hermes on your return to Valantis.

“Oh soft spirit, much of valantis the world of many ages has changed. Long, long ago the world was harsh: the one you likely remember. The world was without direction, ever spinning in a dark abyss without light, love, and hope. The world's people, much like yourself were without morals or ideals. They were savages in a battle over survival. Until one day the great creators, of all the things we know and enjoy, heard the cries of fear and terror. Great gods of all different shapes, sizes, and forms arrived at Valantis to see what it was that went wrong. Why are these people without hope, without love, without direction? To the surprise of the Gods, the world's people simply did not know of them: even you soft spirit. Often the great leaders looked to the skies for an answer on how to better the lives of their people. Many nights these leaders were left unanswered until the day of awakening. Depending on where you were in the world, the tale of which god answered greatly differs. One day the leaders of our desolate Valantis met the great creators of our time, allow me to refresh you on those encounters.”

The men in the great, sandy deserts were greeted by Amun Ra and his companions. Amun Ra met a wise man named Neferamsis. Nerferamsis was one of the leaders that begged for an answer on how to bring prosperity to these lands. With the great traits that Amun Ra saw in Neferamsis, he felt the purity in his soul and declared him his son. Amun Ra called Neferamsis the supreme ruler of the people in these arid lands. If the people followed him and his descendents, they would be blessed with great prosperity. The descendants of Neferamsis never lost their notion that they hold the blood of the gods in their veins. With that they rule with supreme power. No man, mortal, or beast could question or challenge the pharaoh’s right to rule. Over time, the Egyptians became more and more obsessed with their religion. Great temples, statues and stories were created to honor them. Pharaohs would spend entire lifetimes working on creating temples for their soul's passage to the afterlife. In the afterlife, a Pharaoh would spend all of eternity with the gods whom they worshipped. With these traditions almost becoming obsessions, the dynastic rule is the most secure claim of leadership that Valantis has seen.

A similar tale takes place in the temperate forests and great plains of the west. A man without the answer, a man without hope watches his village, his friends, and his people fall to mythological horrors. Fleeing the village, he ran up the tallest hill he could find. Screaming into the sky the man was hoping, begging for an answer. The man meets a great and strong looking being. This being was most defined by a great white beard and a brilliant radiance of light around him. ‘Ease your fears my child, for I, Zeus, am here now to address the issues you face.’ Zeus extended his hand and lifted the sobbing man up. ‘Themistocles you must trust in the gods, and forever remember the tales I tell you. Share this story with all you can, and tell them to share it as well. Spread the word of the gods and the greek people will be forever protected.’ After many many hours of stories and descriptions Themistocles awakes on his bed. All the terrors that occurred that night were undone. His wife, child and friends all alive and well. With that Themistocles ordered the construction of Great temples and statues. With each new temple or statue built a story was told in honor of his promise to Zeus.

One of the last tales comes from the snowy peaks of the great northern frontier. The tall, broadly built men of the north faced even greater challenges than most. The air was often so cold they could hardly breathe it. The beasts they hunted often thought they were the ones hunting. However challenging this was for these people, a great king rose to power. King Einjhar worked tirelessly to see his people blessed with prosperity. Unfortunately a great famine struck the village and he was forced to the seas in search of food. After what seemed to be a day's time they noticed a raven flying with the ship. The King called forth a throwing axe man to hit the bird out of the sky, after all they, too, were hungry. When he threw the axe, the bird swiftly flew at the ship. Once it had landed the skies grew dark and cloudy. The bird with a plume of smoke, turned into an old man. He declared to them that he is the God Odin. He looked at the King and said, ‘You are lost, your people are frail and death inches closer to all that you love.’ The king laughed and said ‘You are old and full of tricks.’ Odin did not like this insult and left the ship with a storm in his wake. The men on the ship were lost at sea for 4 months. With death facing the king he called out and begged for Odin to show mercy. The God returned to the ship and told the king all about his expectations, if he wanted to survive. When Odin spoke to the king he also told great tales of his sons Thor and Loki, as well many other lesser gods. He promised the king that they will be watching over the northern frontier forever, making sure that all Norse men are treated with the same mercy as King Einjhar. From that day forth Odin and his ravens are always watching and the Norsemen have ever prospered since.

Remember o’ soft spirit when you return the harsh cold desolate world is renewed. The people adore theirs gods and their glory. Set out and fulfill your new found destiny and never disregard your gods words. Or you may just find yourself here back in Erebus catching a ferry for the river Styx.”

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