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War Of Olympus

War Of Olympus


Server IP:

Welcome to The War of Olympus!

Our server is Action-Packed with a variety of things to do.
We have unique plugins that give's the power to the player.
We Guarantee that you'll like it!

Plugins we have from large servers (Ex. ArkhamNetwork):
Auction House (An amazing plugin that lets players auction items via /ah)
Archon Crates (Get AWESOME Rewards from crates!)
Vote Party (EVERYONE gets items when we reach X amount of votes)
Bar Gambler (Type: /bar for an opportunity to double your money!) (Temporarily disabled)

What makes us unique:
Stargate (Players can make Portals to different locations and travel with the push of a button!)
Silk Spawners (Players are able to mine spawners using a silk touch pickaxe!)
Player Vault (Allows users to have their own personal vault /pv)
Lockette (Allows players to lock their chests with signs) (Survival Only)

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