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Server Overview

Liquid City Survival is a brand new minecraft server that has been offically open since the start of July 2014. Here at Liquid City survival we offer our players many different routes of play. You can become the greatest ruler of them all by starting up a town and working your way up to the top and becoming a nation king overseeing many towns. Don't fancy all that responsiblity? Hide out in the wilderness protecting yourself from the mobs that hide in every dark corner, secure your home and protect it from those nasty mobs or even just be that player is on to have a great time by taking part in PVP, Spleef, building structures and helping out new players and helping them get started.


We are running a towny based server with RPG addons such as McMMO. We also have an economy where players can buy and sell items, the economy is currently stable and players found abusing exploits in the system will be reset, keeping the economy stable and fair for everyone.

Our server has a zero tollerance policy for griefers/hackers and people who are on to cause drama. We run plugins which log player locations, block destroyed and prevent the use of a modified client which has the potential to give an unfair advantage.

Development and extra information
Our server is currently limited to 100 slots, this is simply because we try to keep server costs to a minimum meaning that we have more money to put in to better the server and that the donations are not slowly eaten away by unessasary little extra costs.

Updates will roll out when felt appropriate. Posts will be made on the forums with every update. Major updates will be applied when we upgrade our services.

We currently have planned to bring a small number of events to the survival server which involve prizes and other aweosme stuff, in the near future past this we hope to launch a range of servers to bring variation to your stay with us.

Staff Applications

Staff applications are open for Moderator and Admin. These ranks are not an easy way to gain extra benefits you may get from the higher ranks. Our staff rank system has been developed meaning you will only recieve the tools you need to take care of day to day jobs on the server, many of the staff features will require you to under go a period of training/observation before we unlock them for you. You can lose your rank just as easily as you can gain it, being a staff member means that you represent us as a role model for the community. NOTE. Do not ask staff to go check out your application or hurry up with a desicion, it will impact our final descion on your application negatively. We will accept staff as of when we need and believe they fit they are a suitable applicant.

Visit our website @ Sign up and keep up to date with everything on the server and unlock rewards by voting for us daily.

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