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You start off in a small walled town, with a kit containing a set of basic armor and tools.
You also have 16 logs, 32 cobblestone, and a wooden door to help you get started.
Claim your land using /kit claim! 100 blocks to start and 150 more every hour.
Unclaimed land/buildings can be griefed
After 45 days of inactivity your claim will be lost and the area will return back to nature
Once you are ready walk through the gate and step on the tripwire to begin your adventure!

All players have one free plot.
Plots are 50x50 and have a tree in the center.
After enough people join there will be weekly building contests for in game prizes!
If you create something that causes lag or is offensive it will be removed

Once you go through the portal us /is to begin.
There are a lot of challenges to complete to gain rewards to help you on your island.
All Islands cone with a chest to help you get started!


No advertising.
Don't ask for ranks/admin/op/etc
No spamming, the antispam will ban you.
Don't build anything offensive.
Cursing is allowed, but dont be excessive.
Respect all other players.
If you get griefed you are on your own, use the claim tools

If you have any issues contact Rohdox or Bloodnet36 on discord or at

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