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LuminosityPvP Network [1.7 - 1.11]



Is a new PvP server with Custom Enchant Factions, ClanSG, SG, SG FFA, And AreanPvP And Much More.
We pride ourselves on creating a unique, challenging and fun minecraft experience for you! Our admins and moderators are always willing to help you with any problem you have! we are always also looking for feedback as to what we can do to improve your experience.
We have tons of new things we have in the works tons of game changing ideas.
The network has just been launched, so join to get a head start on other players.

There Will Be Weekly Updates Both Small And Big Changes.

These Changes Bring You The Best Experience Possible.


  1. No hacks, exploits, or glitches of any kind.

  2. Please respect all players and staff on the server

  3. No spawn camping

  4. Keep chat topics relatively appropriate and swearing to a minimum

  5. Do not advertise other servers in-chat or through private messages

  6. Do not spam chat

  7. Do not ask to be staff

Have fun!

Server IP's:

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