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Welcome to the Radical Builds Forum!
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Thanks for cominig and joining our site! Here at Radical Builds we strive to provide you, your friends, and even family a safe and fun enviroment to build and create anything you can Imagine. We want all ages to be able to log onto this server and be able to create anything they can imagine in their minds! This is why we offer Several "Perks" that normal servers would never give out to players who canot afford a rank we offer thinigs such as

  1. World Edit - All Players receive world edit when they vote. We currently have 3 Vote links with each link adding 18 hours to the world edit time! This means if you vote even Bi-Daily you will still have permanent World Edit!
  2. Cosmetics - We Offer a lot of Cosmetics to Non-Donors also so they can have a blast while on the server! To get this You just have to vote/claim your daily reward! Its that Easy! Then you go to our "Custom" MysteryBox and see if you can win 1/80 Cosmetics that are available at the moment (More Coming Soon)!
  3. Plots - Our Plots are way Bigger than most Creative servers! We offer 100x100 when you start and as you rankup it can be as big as 400x400! Those are huge plots that allow you to use your imagination without running out of space!
  4. Community - We want our community to be kind to all players no matter the rank or age. This is why we try our best to make sure everyone is getting along and not being left out :) We want everyone to have their Minecraft "Home" set on our server so we always do our best to make projects and do builds within the community! We also listen to our Members and add things they would love to see on the server and use :)
  5. Be on a Professional Build-Team - Do you know your a good builder? If your not, do you want to learn and become Better? Well this is the place with our Build Team always being active on the server we are able to suggest,give a hand, talk, and answer questions about anything building related! And the best part is as you Rank up through our Ranks you can become part of the Build Team! and even Make Comission! WOAH!

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