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There are thousands on the same old prison servers. Are you tired of playing poorly coded servers? Prison servers with not much to do or are just simply not fun? Well, this is why I made CriminalMC. CriminalMC is unique for many reasons! Here are some:

Let's get the mines out of the way!

Next, we have our per rank rewards! Evey time you rankup you will unlock your next rank reward. /reward

Do you like to collect free items? Go to the city and open loot chests scattered around the map.

Wanna make some quick money? Gamble at the 5 different games at the casino!

Wanna travel the city much faster and in style? Buy a vehicle!

Use your crate keys and get custom enchanted armor and tools!

Experince all of this and more on CriminalMC! Join now!

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