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Wystern SkyBlock!



Spawn from /spawn


Spawn from the sky!
SkyBlock Island

SkyBlock Island

The Default Skyblock Island!
The Cow

The Cow

Your loyal cow companion!
Casino Zone

Casino Zone

Gamble with our new slot machines!

WysternSkyblock is ran by a highly experienced staff. Our Owner and Lead Admin both have years of experience running servers in the past, and are very knowledgeable and skillful in aspects of server management. Most importantly, our staff is very friendly, helpful and responsive.

Traditional Skyblock is boring! Here at WysternSkyblock, we combine the traditional elements of Skyblock with new features such as challenges, custom GUIs, and more new updates and features always in development. We have a friendly community atmosphere and an outstanding group of staff members, and we would love for you to join us! WysternSkyblock is an established Minecraft 1.9.2 server and community. We have the latest up to date plugins and are always open to new ideas.

Our Skyblock Server features MCMMO, Ranks, Chestshops, AuctionHouse, Crates, Pvp Arena, and a Casino. We hold regular contests - both server affiliated, and player created! Play Skyblock with friends, 1 island for yourself and many more, 50+ challenges to complete, PvP arena, Player shops and a lot more!

We will be continuously adding new features and server modes based on community feedback.

What we offer you at WysternSkyblock!

Server : Join a fresh server and community, Become a early member of a community that will last for many more years.

Island Interfacing GUI : A Very easy interfacing GUI Menu using /island to help you to interact with your island and discover the possibilities of what you can do.

Island PvP : Ability to Player-Versus-Player between islands. which will create a harder environment for players and doubles up the fun! If someone killed you! then gear-up and take back revenge!

Island Challenges : A huge amount of easy to extreme hard challenges that will make your time go faster and will eliminate your boredom with rewards!

Island Shops : Low on items? Don't worry! There is a shop with all your needs! Make sure you do /shop to access it!

Player Made Shops : Yes, you can create a shop in your island! it is pretty easy! All you need is to make a warp and begin selling stuff!

Co-Operative System : You can choose to either work alone in your island and become the best, or invite a friend and allow him to help you in your adventure of survival!

Island Leveling Challenge : The more blocks you place, the more island level increases! This will increase your fame between players on the server! They will be able to see your name on /is top!

Casino System : Feeling lucky? Try out our casino slots! They are found at spawn and the slot coins can either be purchased from ingame shops bye players or by voting!

Dedicated 24/7 Server : This server is hosted, which means that you should not worry about building in vain, it will remain hosted. We play on a top of the line dedicated server, with 8 GBs of RAM, top of the line ddos protection and enough bandwidth to support as many players as we would ever need. Our server runs smoothly with minimal lag, and we are constantly working to keep all plugins configured to the highest performance standards.

Economy : Good Economy with trading and player shops. Players can create their own shops on there own island. The server shop only sells a small amount of items so it's up to the players to set up their own prices and trade for items they need. Low on money? Go make a farm and sell to make a bunch on money! You can also make a grinder for mobs sell the mob drops in /shop for extra money!

Holiday Events : We like to have fun and we love to celebrate which is why we host epic events every Valentines, Easter, Halo'ween, Christmas, new years and the servers anniversary. Double McMMO xp and Fly days happen every 1-2 months which grants everybody access to /fly and double XP in their McMMO skills for a whole day. Also we have a 50% Off Sale in shop!

We are hoping to see you on the server, to help us stride for perfection! Also Imperfection :)

Note : As we are a new server we are continually looking for ways to improve. If you think you have an idea that we could incorporate into WysternSkyblock feel free to hop on and share your thoughts with us. If you've ever had a great idea about something you wish a Minecraft server offered its playerbase, now is your chance to be heard!

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