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GlacialRealms is a fun unique gameplay experience with an extremely active & nice community, it currently features Factions, KitPvP, OP Prison, Skyblock, Creative & Pixelmon. We've also been working on some of the following minigames: Glacial Rush (Grush for short, it's a Glacial Realms exclusive minigame), Skywars & an Event Server for our Weekend Events! All of our PvP Servers (Such as Factions & KitPvP) feature 1.7 PvP.

My username: Formalized
GlacialRealms is a fun community and an overall well-rounded, outstanding server. The community is vey active and friendly, and always willing to help new users with their issues. The staff are also incredibly helpful and very just; there is always at least one online to help answer questions and concerns in a timely manner, as well as punish those who do not adhere to the rules. Each staff member has experience and they each have their own specific skillset, further contributing to the fast growth and success of the server. Furthermore, GlacialRealms maintains a fun, unique gameplay experience with their gamemodes, as well as including custom minigames such as GlacialRush. There are also regular updates, keeping the server fun and enjoyable for all.
The owner is also very experienced and well-versed in the running and upkeep of servers. He is also very friendly and honest, and interactive with the community, keeping them up to date with all the changes and news.
To conclude, I highly recommend this server!
Posted 8th Oct 2016