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Direlands Nexus


Hi there!

I am the Co-Owner of a brand new vanilla server born from the ashes of DNT Tekkit... Direlands Nexus. Our server is now ready to launch and should be up in the next few days however we do need a beta testers, staff and more users.

Direlands Nexus will offer servers such as PVP, PVE, Factions and Skyblock, we hope to add more features such as minigames as we grow. Direlands Nexus contains dozens of plugins to ensure that the users experience is as good as it can be, some of the larger plugins include; Gringots, Slimefun, Skyblock and Auctions, which have all been tested extensively to ensure that they work properly and smoothly.

As a new server we want to adapt the server to work for you, so any suggestions that you may have will be welcome and if they pass a vote with the other users we will do our very best to implement them. We are also looking for experienced Admins and Moderators to ensure that our server is able to run smoothly and keep hackers at bay, if you would like to apply to become staff on Direlands Nexus be sure to let us know in the relevant forum thread on our server at As the server is developed we will be adding more pictures here to show you exactly what our server offers. If you are interested in joining our server and assisting in its development please register to our website and we will keep you updated.

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