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Miners Haven

Miners Haven


We are a server that doesn't tolerate jerks, griefs, thieves, trolls (well, sometimes), or complete ass hats in general. We ban them in order to keep a fun and positive environment. We take the rules seriously around here, and the staff take their jobs seriously - no that doesn't mean they are a bunch of strict, no-fun, jerks.. it just means that they work hard and they want to make you-the player- happy! If you join us you'll be treated as a friend, you are welcome to join. Our survival world is no grief, no pvp (unless agreed upon by both players), and no stealing. Player's property is respected and protected by lockette and land claims. Grief can be reported and proven with core inspect! We will ban those pesky griefers.. that is if you didnt protect your land :/
This server is 24/7, dedicated, not much lag at all (unless we are world editing)
We offer: skyblock, mobarena, 64x64 creative plots, and a no-grief survival. skyblock, hunger games, and spleef are all coming soon! For survival world we have slimefun and mcmmo to enhance your experience. vampires may be added soon ;)

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