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RealmportalMC [1.13.2]


RealmportalMC is a small pg-13 community server network that was founded in September 2013.
Our objective is to allow players to feel comfortable around one another. A place where all feel welcomed.

Our gameplay consists of:

A Creative plotworld with 3 256 plots per person. Nearly unrestricted worldedit and voxelsniper. Custom Skulls, plot flags, Armor stand editor, Banner editor, and much more.

Build rank worlds. there are worlds which can be used after obtaining build ranks.

Towny Survival contains McMMO , economy, and a few other features.

Skyblock contains slimefun, Shops, Minions (helpers that assist you along the way) and more.

Minigames we have include VIllage Defense, TNT Run, Paintball and Bedwars plus a few more.

Staff engage with the players much as if they were just another fellow player. I (paintsplatters) am on frequently and keep stuff maintained. Please let staff know if you have questions, feedback, or suggestions!

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