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Exile Islands

Exile Islands



Exile Islands is a young network established in January 2020. Exile currently offers Acid Island, SkyBlock as well as Survival+. Come join us and begin your adventure. You have just been exiled from your home land. Now, you must survive in an environment that you now call home. Join us today and begin your new mission to create and expand your new home.

I have been on this server for almost a month now and I love this server. The owner is super nice and the few that do play have been just top notch! They have a lobby with portals to take you to the different servers they supply. Acid Island, Sky Block and Survival +! I have played on all of them and there all so much fun! They all have there different quirks to make them unique to this server and I couldn't be happier being able to play here!
Posted 18th Jul 2020