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The Minecart


I. Enjoy that feeling of hard labor and captivity in our Galactic Prison! Tons of rank mines, shop, and scam your way through! Raise your own fleet within the ranks and dominate your fellow inmates.

II. Floating high above the void your island awaits greatness in Skyblock! Find out just how far you can build your own private island or invite your friends to expand with you!

III. Want to explore, build, raid, and defend Factions welcomes you to contend with the best! Place bounties, be a bounty hunter, or build the ultimate bunker to withstand an enemy onslaught!

IV. Looking to just fight off zombies in a survival world The term, Survival of the fittest surely is true here. Full of Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Shotguns, Pistols, SMGs, Cars, Supply Drops, and more!

V. Looking for somewhere to PvP and dominate the entire server and the leaderboards, then Kitpvp is for you! Full of custom features including: Supply Crates, Custom Enchants, Levels, and more!

All supported with a full website, forums, and webstore!

Very awesome server. Fun to play on. Active staff and a bunch of different game types to play on.
Posted 1st Dec 2016