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Welcome to RisenCloud!

A Minecraft Prison server revolving around ranking up through our 36 ranks, as well as progressing your other things while you’re at it. Such as your pickaxe, with our gems and kits, your plot, with items bought at the shop and more! RisenPrison offers a huge range of customization and makes the simple things simpler; with helpful menus and areas where you can get help. Our staff are dedicated, kind and compassionate. So our community is ever-growing. We have an efficient website which you can join. On the website you can chat with others in the forums, purchase ranks, get support, vote or apply for staff. We offer a unique experience in the form of the servers efficiency and kind other players. We’ve got a large range of plugins that make the server more interesting and entertaining as well as offering some things that you won’t see elsewhere. We hope to see you on the server!

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